About Cre8tiveBubbles

You have stumbled upon the cre8tive designs of Cre8tivebubbles. Why Cre8tivebubbles? That's a weird name I know. A nickname of course, but I kind of like it. And yeah, that spelling helps me stand out.    

Through the products on this site you will find many unique choices that reflect my interests and perhaps they are yours too. I design apparel and accessories that are a bit unexpected and unique. Your EVERYDAY apparel/acceaaory awaits and I hope you'll find your next "favorite" gift right here. 

cre8te designs that aren't plain. I go bold, different and maybe a little wacky. My stuff isn't for everybody but just maybe you'll see something here you'll like. If not today, perhaps in the future, so check back often. 

Be sure and join me on social media. I'm not super active but I keep you in the loop, I post new product releases, workflow posts and fun videos. You can also sign up with email marketing. 

Got my gear? Post it to social media with #cre8tivebubbles I love to see how you wear and use my products. 

I'm glad you're here! Thank you for supporting my small business dream!

Need to contact me? The best option is email, because I'm probably busy cre8ting new products. If you leave a message I'll try to quickly follow up! info@cre8tivebubbles.com or text or leave voicemail 678-283-1690